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You can contact us with no hesitation to get information about hypochlorous acid device, hypochlorous acid generator and disinfectant products.

100 times more effective solution thanks to Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) that is produced only with water + salt + electricity!

Our Area of Activity

As one of the leading companies in the medical device and healthcare sector, Sidal Health Technologies Inc., with its 27-year history, provides professional, economic and natural solutions that are essential for the healthy use of water, which is the basic source of life.

Municipalities and Drinking Water Distribution Centers

We provide project design and services for water distribution systems provided by Municipalities and Drinking Water Distribution Centers. IMM prefers hypochlorous acid as disinfectant. You can read the related article by clicking here.

Hospitals And Health Institutions

We provide product portfolio and project design services designed for hospitals, clinics and other health institutions. We can list the areas of application such as intensive care units, laboratories, emergency services, patient rooms, hand disinfection, kitchens and surfaces.


We provide professional system installation services for institutions providing accommodation services such as hotels, pensions and spas, and institutions within the tourism sector. The areas of application can be listed as rooms, bathrooms, playgrounds, lobby and common areas.


Unlike other solutions, it is non-toxic, safe and completely natural when applied to pools. Therefore, it is 100% safe on the eyes and skin and does not cause irritation / burns.

Farm Animal Breeding

It is ideal for protecting sterilized habitats for livestock by controlling microbial pathogens, especially in poultry and cattle breeding. It can be applied to living areas and dosed into storage tanks to disinfect drinking water.

Shopping Malls

We provide installation and project services for large buildings such as shopping malls, conglomerates, plazas and other private buildings.

Food Production Areas

When you replace the water in your washers with safe, natural and effective, on-site hypochlorous acid (HOCl), freshness of the products will last much longer.

Seafood Products

When used as a water cleaner, positive results are obtained with healthy and natural sea products. It can also replace all the toxic chemicals used to sterilize equipment and food contact surfaces of processing plants.


We provide product and projecting services for ships and natural resources.

Educational Institutions

We provide the installation and services of suitable systems for universities, high schools / primary schools, kindergartens, nurseries, dormitories and all other educational institutions.